7 Unique & Lesser Known Facts About Precious Pearls!

Pearls come in all beautiful shades and also vary in their sizes! But what they all have in common is that they are all gorgeous! They have been in fashion since traditional times and are still favored in modern times! Pearls are an eternal classic!

sterling silver Pearl Jewelry


Here are some unique facts about Pearls you did not know!

  1. Pearls are the only jewels that are made by a living animal.
  2. Only 1 in every 10,000 wild oyster delivers a natural pearl.
  3. All oysters with pearls are male, but transform into females in 3 years.
  4. Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea are the major types of saltwater pearls and they account for 5% of all the pearl in the world. These oysters grow only one pearl at a time.
  5. Freshwater pearls account for the rest 95% of the total global pearl production, but these are less valuable than the saltwater pearls.
  6. China produces a huge majority of the freshwater pearls in their pearl farms where each mussel gives out 30-50 pearls at a time.
  7. The existence of pearls dates back to the precious art facts from Mesopotamia 2300 B.C.
  8. One of the most famous pearls in the world – La Peregrina, which is Spanish for “The Incomparable” is over 500 years old and is a pear shaped pearl which is as big as a pigeon’s egg.

Now that you know these unique facts about the precious and wonderful pearl, isn’t it time for you to own your own pearl jewel now? Also, people born in June are in luck, as the gorgeous and classy pearly is their birthstone! Happy shopping!

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