Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and if you’re born in April, then you are one lucky person – because your birthstone is the most sought after precious gem of all times! This scintillating gemstone is the hardest mineral known to man which makes it a symbol of strength. Since diamonds are mostly very clear gemstones, they also signify clarity. Just like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two diamonds are alike. They all differ in the 4Cs – Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight and these are also the measures on which the value of this precious gemstone is measured.

Diamond Features

COLOR – As colorless as the diamond gets, higher becomes its value.

CUT – The proportion of the different facets of the stone which is the quality of the workmanship determines the sparkle of the gemstone.

CLARITY – This includes the internal inclusions and external blemishes on the precious stone. The clarity of a diamond ranks from flawless and goes down with the imperfections that it possesses.

CARAT – The weight of the gem, higher the weight, more precious the stone.

Diamond is adored by everyone since time immemorial and here is why you should gift the special April born in your life this precious stone and if you are an April born yourself – here are some reasons to spoil yourself for good reason!

A Symbol of Elegance

Mom Pendant From Orchid Mother's Day Jewelry Collection

As far as jewelry is concerned, diamonds are the most sophisticated gemstone there is. It is a mark of grace and style. Diamond pendants or a diamond ring, they are perfect for daily wear!

A Thoughtful Gift


  Sterling Silver Oval Shape Peridot Ring

No one goes out and buys a diamond on impulse. It is a luxurious gift and shows that you truly care for someone. It makes for a wonderful birthday present for a special someone in your life!


Diamond Ring for Women

Diamonds truly are a classic! They go well with any type of outfit and are perfect for any event or occasion!


Mom Diamond Ring From Orchid Mothers Day Collection

Buying a diamond is like making an investment. They are timeless and you can always choose a forever design so the piece of jewelry never loses its charm!

All said and done, be sure to check on the 4Cs to make an informed purchase! And remember, all you lucky ladies born in April – Shine bright like a diamond!

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