Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Green Gem Stones

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect occasion to flaunt all those precious green gem stone jewels! St. Patrick graced Emerald Isle when he returned there as a missionary after he heard God calling out to him! As an honor to St. Patrick, let’s look at the three green and sparkling gem stones!

Emerald Gemstone 

 Genuine Emerald Ring


It is one of the four classic gemstones and has been collectively adored through years and years! The beautiful green of the emerald and its durability makes it the most valuable and famous gemstone! The fact that the deeper green emerald is quite rarely found makes it the most desirable and most valuable form of emerald. It is the birthstone of May.

Peridot Gemstone 

Peridot Gemstone Ring

Peridot is an ancient gem stone, with jewelry pieces dating to the time of the Pharaohs in Egypt. It has been named from the French word – Peritot, meaning gold. Peridot has a beautiful olive green color and the Romans called it the “Emerald of the Evening” because of its ability to retain the bright green color even after dusk. It is the birthstone of August.

Prasiolite Gemstone 

Green Gemstone ring

Prasiolite, which is also known as Green Amethyst is formed when Amethyst is treated under heat so it is technically a golden green quartz! The word Prasiolite originates from two Greek words – ‘prason’ meaning leek and ‘lithos’ meaning stone. Being from the Quartz crystal family, Prasiolite is a rich source of positive energies!

All of these beautiful bright shades of green are a perfect buy to celebrate and participate in the festivities this year on St. Patrick’s Day! So which gradient color of green will be your choice this year?

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