Choose the Perfect Ring for Your Fingers

The most important piece of jewelry is your engagement ring or your wedding ring, because those are the rings you will wear every day for the rest of your life. You may leave the house without donning any piece of jewelry, but your wedding/engagement ring will always be there. So choosing the perfect ring is a critical decision and needs to be taken wisely. For the same, it is important to choose the right ring depending on the shape and size of your fingers and keeping in mind the shape and size of the main stone and the width and style of the ring.

Long Fingers

For long fingers, princess cut and round stones look very attractive. You can also opt for wider bands as they will highlight your long fingers. The advantage of having long fingers is that you can also opt for bold and dainty rings! But you’ll also have to consider if you’ll be comfortable wearing a big ring daily.

Slender Fingers

Ring for Slander size finger

If you have slender fingers, big stones can overpower your hand. You can opt for wider bands and small stones so that your fingers appear wider.

Short Fingers

Ring for Short Size finger

If you have short fingers, you can try wearing stones which give an elongating impression, like pearl, oval and marquise. Rectangular stones also lengthen the fingers. Wearing narrow and slender width bands also gives an elongated appearance to the fingers.

Wide Fingers

 Ring for wide fingers

If you have wide fingers, fret not. It is actually a blessing in disguise as you can choose from a wide range of signature rings which would otherwise seem too over the top and gaudy. You can go for a medium to thick frame and have a cluster of stones design which would make your hands look even more flattering. You can also choose from angular and asymmetrical shapes and designs.

Big Knuckles

 Ring for big knuckles

If you feel that you have big knuckles, you can always choose rings with wider and broader bands. This will grab all the attention towards your ring!

Small Hands

small hands

With small hands, try and choose a ring with small stones and a narrow band. Bigger and bulky rings can look too over powering on your hand.

Large Hands

ring for large hand

With larger hands you can choose from a chunky and extravagant ring and get creative in choosing from all the options.

Ladies, always remember that you are all beautiful and have lovely hands and fingers! Try on any type of ring that you like and choose what you feel suits you best! It’s your ring, choose the best one!

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