Everlasting Emerald – The May Birthstone

Spring is in full bloom and summer is just around the corner, everything is full of life, budding and luscious – emerald green! Emeralds make a great gift through-out the year but especially during May as all the lucky May babies get to celebrate emerald as their precious birthstone! The best thing about emeralds is that they go perfectly well with an evening gown and also with a casual pair of jeans teamed with a T-Shirt.

Sterling silver Emerald gemstone ring

Emerald essentially is a beryl too – just like ruby and sapphire. Beryl is a clear stone, and the emerald gets the green color because of the presence of chromium and vanadium. Inclusions in an emerald are rather common, in fact it is impossible to find a large sized emerald without any inclusions, and they add even more beauty to the gleam of the gemstone. So, don’t try looking for an absolutely perfect emerald stone. If there are inclusions, it only means that the emerald is genuine.

Emerald dangle style sterling silver earrings

Emerald is treated by soaking it in clear oil, this is done so that the inclusions aren’t so clearly visible. This process reduces the appearance of the inclusions and is considered an accepted method of treatment under gemological standards and is used for almost 90% of emeralds. Sometimes, dye is used to improve the overall color of the stone – which isn’t an accepted method as it lowers the true rating of the stone.

Orchid Jewelry Sterling Silver Emerald & Topaz Ring

Brazil and Columbia have given out most of the emeralds in the world. There are a lot of emerald mines present in Africa and South America as well. During the 3000-1500 BC period, Egypt was famous for emeralds and Cleopatra is still known for her love for emeralds. The emerald supply was completely washed out by the royals of that time.Even in India, emeralds have been a fascination for emperors, empresses and maharajas since the olden times!

Even today, Emeralds give out a very majestic look and feel, no matter the form of jewelry! So, why not pick out yours?

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