Passionate February Birthstone – Amethyst

Birthstone - Amethyst

People who love to celebrate every small occasion; February is the month for you. It is a double bonanza for those who are born in February or whose beloved’s birthday falls in the month. The Amethyst makes for a perfect gemstone for February people. The month is often dark, cold and short, and the birthstone is, more often than not, associated with stability, peace and courage – making it the right gem for those who seek a little warmth and positivity in their lives.

The Amethyst is strikingly beautiful purple quartz, making it an easily recognizable gem. It is a splendid blend of red and violet and derives its name from ancient Greek word “methustos” meaning “intoxicated”. The wearers believe this gem could protect them from drunkenness and a metaphoric state of intoxication in life.

Amethyst Gemstone Ring

But we digress a little. What is the importance of the Amethyst for Valentine’s lovers? Simply because the gem symbolizes passion as well and could very well make up for an apt present if you buy a pair or earring or a stack of rings/ring studded with the Amethyst.

Having even the slightest of information into the background of a gemstone can open up a lot of opportunities if you are looking for a perfect gift option for your special someone. The Amethyst, likewise, gives for creative gift ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day or for when someone you know has an anniversary coming up or even a birthday.

Amethyst Gemstone Stud Earrings in triangle shape


The stone is also said to encourage sobriety, peacefulness and bravery and is found in various shades of purple, which is also associated with royalty!  The gem comes in various, extensive hues of violet, purple, lilac, deep purple and lavender.

The above qualities make the Amethyst a perfect option to gift to someone you love this Valentine’s Day or whose special occasion/event you wish to celebrate. You can take your pick from Amethyst studded earrings or ring/stack of rings and gift the gem of positivity to your special someone.

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