Choosing the perfect engagement/wedding ring is no easy task! It is a long process and it isn’t as simple as just walking into a store and leaving with the perfect ring on your finger! No! There’s a lot of research work that goes behind that beautiful ring!

Step 1: Pinterest Browsing

Pinterest Browsing For new ideas

Pinterest is this world full of beautiful ideas and articles that one would love to have for themselves! Spend time on Pinterest, browse through rings, and keep pinning up everything that you like on your Pinterest Board! After you have a collection of gorgeous rings pinned on your board. Analyze what you likedmost – if you picked out a lot of square cut rings or round shaped rings. Whether you liked solitaires more or multiple stones and if you picked out antique or modern designs.

Step 2: Inspiration from the Real World

Inspired By Nature

Take some inspiration from your friends and coworkers! Your aunt might have a ring that you may have always liked…. You can take ideas from everyone around you. Ask them about their ring and from where they got it! Peep into your grandmother’s collection for some timeless ideas!

Step 3: The 4 Cs of Rings

4 C's of a Diamond Jewelry

Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat – these are the four Cs of Rings! Choose the Color of your stone, pick one or a mixture of two three different precious stones that you would like. The Cut talks about the shape of the stone. The Clarity is how jewelers decide if there are any internal flaws within the stone. And the Carat is the weight of your diamond!

Step 4: Select a Shape

Choosing Perfect shape to your engagement ring

Decide on the shape of the ring. Most common choices are round and princess. But you could go for emerald, oval, square, heart, pear or cushion! The best part about stone shapes is that no particular type ever goes out of fashion, unlike other fashion trends.

Step 5: Choose Your Metal

Choosing the prefect metal type for engagement ring

Different metal tones suit different skin types, so decide what works best for you. If you prefer more of gold jewelry then you can opt for gold. If all your other jewelry are in silver, then you can choose platinum for your ring. Take your pick.

Step 6: Decide the Setting

Diamond Jewelry Settings

Would you want a diamond studded band? Or a big diamond with a cluster of diamonds around it. Decide the width of the band and keep in mind how well it goes with the front design of the stones and the size and shape of the stones.

Step 7: Store

 Picking up a online store

Pick an online store or visit a store in person. Tell them exactly what you want. You can always contact us by clicking here and we will help you at each step in choosing the perfect ring! Get your girlfriend’s opinion! Your soul sisters would help you make the right choice.

Now, all you’ve got to do is look gorgeous and prepare for your big wedding and try and pick a wedding ring that goes well with your engagement ring!

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