Identify Fake Diamonds At Home

Diamonds are forever! And if not, they are probably fakes! Well, fret not, it is fairly simple to find out if a diamond is a fake or is real. Here is how you can find out if your diamonds are really real! All you need is some fog, jeweler’s loupe, candle flame and a glass of water!

1. Fog Test

Fog test | Identify Fake Diamonds At Home

Bring the diamond close to your mouth, try and fog it up just the way we fog up a glass. If the diamond fogs up then it is a sure shot fake. A real diamond wouldn’t fog up even a little bit, the heat inside the stone wouldn’t let your breath fog up the glass!

2. Metal Stamps

Metal Stamp | Identify Fake Diamonds At Home

Check the metal for any stamps indicating the type of metal. A real diamond wouldn’t be mounted on a cheap metal.

3. Peek through The Jeweler’s Loupe

Identify Fake Diamonds At Home

Borrow a jeweler’s loupe and examine the stone. A naturally mined diamond would have some form of imperfections which are called inclusions. A naturally mined diamond is sure to have some color change or other mineral flecks inside it. If the rock appears absolutely flawless, then chances are they are lab-grown.

4. Extreme Temperature Change

Temperature test | Identify Fake Diamonds At Home

Heat up the loose diamond on a flame for about 30 seconds and immediately drop it in cold water. Any stone other than a diamond will not be able to handle the heat and let alone the temperature change. Any fake diamond would shatter or break. Once you drop the diamond into cold water it will not react to the intense temperature change and will be as gorgeous as ever!

5. Watch the Diamond Sink

Diamond Sink | Identify Fake Diamonds At Home

Drop a diamond in a glass of water, a real diamond being so dense will immediately sink to the bottom. And other stones would waver or even float before eventually going down.

You should definitely try a couple of tests to finally come to a conclusion. And if you still have doubts, then of course it’s best to visit a local jeweler!

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