Facts about Emerald Gemstone

The May born has the elegant emerald as their birthstone! And frankly it is one of the most attractive gemstone there is. Green – the color associated with - money and emerald – all things desired immensely. The emerald is said to possess metaphysical powers. It grants the wearer memory, clairvoyance and faith. It is even said to possess some healing powers that cures health problems.

  1. It has been an object of desire since time immemorial and here are some snippets about the precious stone which would make you desire the stone even more!
  2. The word emerald comes from the Green word “Smaragdus” which means Green.
  3. The deeper the green, more precious the emerald.
  4. Emeralds always have inclusions. If it is too clear then it may not be genuine.
  5. In ancient Egypt, Pharaohs mined and loved the precious gemstone dearly. It is said that Cleopatra loved the green stone and owned all the mines in Egypt during her reign.
  6. Emerald is often treated to improve its clarity and give it a deeper green color.
  7. Unlike diamond, it isn’t very hard as it is treated. It is always best to keep the stone away from chemicals as they can damage the stone.
  8. Emerald is a variety of the mineral Beryl (Just like aquamarine).

Now that you have some facts about the gorgeous emerald, why not gift one to a May born or spoil yourself with one (because, why not?) or you could gift it to a loved one as it makes for a meaningful gift. Emerald stands for loyalty, new beginnings and peace. This mesmerizing stone is a great gift idea that will be highly treasured by the receiver.

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