Mother-Daughter Activities for Mother’s Day

With both of your busy schedules and always running in a hurry to get somewhere – your mother daughter time could be limited to 5 minute conversations in the car or just routine talk over dinner. In one of our previous blogs, we talked about a few Mother-Son activity ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day. When was the last time the both of you sat down and had a heart to heart conversation? Here is a list of activities that are great for spending time together and start making memories.

Ice Cream Date

Mothers day celebration ideas

Head to your favorite ice-cream parlor and devour delicious flavors of ice cream with loads of toppings and just sit there and have a good time with each other.

Pedi-Mani Session

Pedicure Manicure Sessions on this mothers day

Book a Pedicure and Manicure session together and sit there and gossip while your get your nails done.

Spa Therapy

Spa on Mothers Day

Unwind yourself and indulge in a spa therapy together.

Baking Classes

Baking activities on mothers day

Why not enroll yourselves for a baking course? It would be such great fun to learn new recipes! And the both of you can share the joy and excitement of trying them out together at home and treating everyone to deliciously baked goodies!

City Tour

cooking together

It is quite ironic, but we never visit the famous tourist spots in our own cities with the zeal and excitement that tourists do! Why not take a touristy ride through the city with your favorite girl! It is quite an experience to view your own city through the eyes of a tourist!

Get Crafty

DIY Projects

Time to get your creative skills on the table. Pick up a DIY project and make pretty things for organizing or decoration around the house! Or better yet get onto some DIY jewelry project or you can shop for matching bracelets ! If there is a festival around the corner, you can also make handmade greeting cards for your loved ones!

Get Fit Together

Mothers Day Activities

Pick up a sport together or start a fitness regime together. It’s a great way to keep each other motivated and keep on going! You could hit the gym, take up cycling or jogging or go for a swim together.

Movie Night

Movie Tonight

Pick out your favorite movies from your collection and get a big bowl of pop-corn and start your movie marathon!

Hit the Road

Hit The Road

Drive through the city. If there is a place with a view of the sun rise, then drive there before the break of dawn and watch the sun rise together. Carry a flask of hot coffee and enjoy the quiet time of the early morning and cherish those precious moments together.


Picnic on Mothers Day

Pack a picnic basket and go and sit in the park and soak in the warm sunny day. It will be a lovely day of catching up and gossiping together!


Go out on a lunch date! Get all dressed up and spend time at a fancy restaurant to celebrate this special day!

Long Walk

Mothers Day Activities

Take a long walk together. And why not make it a daily habit? It would guarantee some mother daughter time daily and you can talk about how your respective days were.

There’s no better way than to spend some quality time together this Mother’s Day and while you’re at it, make these activities a routine habit! Your relationship is the most important one and you should be creating memories together – cherishing each other!

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