9 Mother Son Bonding Activities for Mother’s Day 2017

Being a mother is one full time job but isn’t it a really rewarding one? The joy that we receive from our children is priceless! Just like a mother and daughter, the bond between a Mom and Son is very special! You may think that there may not be many things in common between them in terms of their interests but we think that it is a beautiful bond of love and protection which grows with time! So, here are a few activities that you can plan with your son on the occasion of Mother’s Day!

Read Together

Mother Son Bonding Activities for Mother’s Day 2017 : Read Together

Inculcate the habit of reading in your children very early on. It is a very important habit to be acquainted with in the early years of childhood. For a toddler, you can read them interesting stories in character voices, which is how you can build their interest in stories. For older kids, a fun activity would be to go outdoors and take turns in reading the story to each other followed by discussions. It’s a beautiful exercise and you will be amazed by the precious insights that your son may have about the stories!

Go Hiking

Go On Hiking on this Mothers Day

It is a great staying fit activity for you, and your son will embrace the outdoors! With today’s kids spending way too much time with their smart phones and video games, this is going to be a great way to encourage them to hang out outdoors! You can even include devices into the picture by encouraging them to do some photography or shooting fun videos while you’re on the trail. This is a great way to create fond memories and capture them too!

Adventure Park

Go On Adventurer tour

What better way to spend the day than spending it at an Adventure Park! We don’t even need to tell you how much fun it is going to be! You can try out all the rides together and have a great time!

Mailing System

A hand Written letter for mom

This is an excellent way to encourage your little ones to communicate with you. You can create a secret mailing system with your kid wherein the both of you leave handwritten notes for each other under the pillow!

Cook Together

Cook Together on this mothers day

Your son is going to thank you for this when he grows up! Kids these days depend way too much on take away food because they don’t know how to whip up anything in the kitchen! They might love the occasional pizza dinner nights now but once they move out they are going to miss home cooked healthy food. So, why not engage them in cooking up delights once in a while. Make it a fun task for him by giving him the freedom to experiment in the kitchen! Who knows when something delicious might stir up in the pot! And you’ll always be there to assist them so as to avoid any accidents in the kitchen!

Visit the Zoo/Wildlife Sanctuary

Visits the Zoo on Mothers day

Kids absolutely love animals! And a trip to see their favorite animals for real instead of in books or on the screen will be a delight for them! It will also be an educational trip as they can learn more and more about the different types of animals and their habitat!

Day at the Museum

Travel In Time  on Mothers Day

Kids love stories from a different time and it is up to you to make these stories as interesting as possible for them! From an early stage, if you keep them involved by making a trip to the museum a regular affair, they are going to be more informed and curious about knowing more and more. Encourage them to do their homework like reading up more and more on Wikipedia about the things you unravel at the museum! You could even learn a thing or two from your son!

Video Games

Video Gaming together on mothers day

Kids love playing Video Games! Why not join them and find out what all the hype is about!

Go Shopping

 Go for Shopping with Mothers

Why not help each other shop, it would be a great way to know each other’s likes and choices and may be it would be a great change for you too! You can get each other’s opinion on clothes, mothers day jewelry collection, shoes! This activity guarantees a lot of fun for the both of you!

These activities are something that even a tween would enjoy! So, not just for Mother’s Day, try and inculcate these activities in your lives for creating fond memories and spending quality time with your family!


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