Amongst all things beautiful that March has to offer, from the promise of spring’s arrival to the advent of warmth, the chirping of birds, the beautiful flowers – This is also the month of the Aquamarine!

The word “Aquamarine”, has a Latin origin. The word “Aqua” meaning water and “Marine” meaning the sea. The color of the stone is light shades of blue-green. However, the bigger the stone, the darker the intensity of the blue and higher it’s value. The stone is found majorly in Brazil, Africa and India.

Aquamarine is the birthstone of March and it is also used to celebrate 19Th Wedding Anniversaries. It is said, that the wearer of the stone is endowed with courage, foresight and happiness. The deep sea-green color of the stone also helps one stay calm and peaceful.

But other than just the March baby, you could also gift this stone for a few more reasons.

The Adventurer

Aquamarine encapsulates the mystery and the beauty of the deep blue sea. As per maritime folklore, aquamarine was the precious treasure of the mermaids said to keep sailors safe during voyages. Gifting this stone to your adventurer or traveler friend is a great idea as a gesture to convey them good luck during their travels.

Eternal Happiness

Aquamarine is said to possess healing qualities as it drives out negativities and leaves one feeling relaxed and happy. Due to these qualities, it is also considered to keep a marriage happy or even a long term relationship, as it keeps the passion alive in a relationship. So, you can gift this stone to wish someone happiness or to your partner for a happy and strong relationship.

Good Luck Charm

The possessor of the stone also finds it easier to achieve his or her goals and succeed in his or her endeavors. So, you can gift this to practically anyone close to you. In the form of a ring or a pendant so they can always wear their good luck charm.

Aquamarine and Sapphire Gemstone Ring

With International Women’s Day coming up on 8th March, Aquamarine would also make a great gift for the amazing women in your life! Brighten someone’s life with this glittering stone possessing such happy qualities.

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