Ruby, the fiery red gem is the birthstone for the month of July and is revered world over for its unsurpassed beauty and luster. Ruby, also known as ‘the king of gemstones’, is adorned since time immemorial and was also used as a protection shield by many warriors as this precious gemstone was believed to be the carrier of protection and power.

ruby rings are the perfect gift choice for all the special occasions

Rubies are strong, durable and are the hardest gemstones after diamond. The durability facilitates this gem stone to be carved into beautiful precious jewels. It belongs to the conundrum family and the intense red color is due to the presence of chromium. Its deep red color is symbolic of the quality and the richness of the gem. The most valuable rubies are Burmese rubies which are the brightest and own a slight blue hint; this deep red shade with a tinge of blue is called ‘pigeon blood red’ and such rubies are only found in Myanmar. Its mystical deep red color is due to the presence of chromium which also imparts it a distinct fluorescence that subsequently makes it glow like a fire from within. This fluorescence and the strength of rubies allow this gemstone to be used in other applications apart from jewelry such as lasers and medical instruments among others.

ruby jewelry

Rubies epitomize love, passion, power, protection and prosperity and are believed to bestow a good fortune on the wearer.  Ruby jewelry especially ruby rings are the perfect gift choice for all the special occasions as it is a royal gemstone that exudes an extraordinary splendor. Natural ruby crystals are extensively found in Myanmar and Sri-Lanka followed by Thailand, Africa, Vietnam and Madagascar. Apart from being the birthstone for July, it is also the gemstone for 15th and 40th anniversaries. This glowing precious gem is one of the rarest gemstone available on earth and makes for a treasure that is for keeps for years to come.

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