Diamond and Pearl Dangle Earrings

Diamond sure is one of the hardest known materials, but when it is cut and set in metals to form rings, earrings, necklaces etc., they are very vulnerable and are prone to damage in terms of cracks or damage. Here are some easy tips and precautions that you can take every day for proper maintenance and cleaning.

Here are some everyday tips you should follow:

Cleaning Diamond Jewelry

Remove all Diamond Jewelry Before Getting Your Hands Dirty

Tasks like gardening, cooking, doing the dishes, lifting heavy objects should be performed after removing all your diamonds. You could lose them while you’re preoccupied with work, it could even flow down the kitchen sink! There are chances of damaging your diamonds while you perform these rigorous activities so better to remove your jewels before you get on to it.

Wear Your Diamonds After You’re Completely Ready

Which essentially means after taking a bath and applying your make up, putting on your diamonds is the last thing you do! Soaps can leave a layer of film on your diamonds, which would dull your jewels and reduce the gleam and glitter. Even lotions, sprays and cosmetics have a lot of chemicals which can damage your diamonds.

Remove Your Jewels Before Going For a Swim

The swimming pools have high quantities of chlorine which is not at all good for those shiny rocks! When you’re hitting the pool, it’s always best to leave all your precious jewelry back at home, lest you lose them.

Avoid Wearing Jewelry When You’re Playing Sports

Apart from the possibility that you could damage your diamonds while you’re engrossed in playing a sport, there is also a chance that you could hurt someone or yourself with the ornaments. It’s always advisable to remove your jewelry as you could lose them in the heat of the moment.

How To Clean Diamond And Pearl Jewelry

You can increase the service period for your diamond jewelry by cleaning them by yourself from time to time. Follow these cleaning tips to keep those diamonds dazzling:

Warm Water and Mild Soap

Prepare a mixture of warm water and a very mild soap and soak your ornaments in the mixture. The warm water will help remove any oily substance that may have accumulated on the jewels. Make sure that the soap you’re using doesn’t damage the metal in which the stone is set.

Use a Soft Brush

In case you don’t have a brush for your jewelry, you can always use an old toothbrush with soft bristles. You could even use a lipstick or eyebrow brush – just make sure that the brush is absolutely clean. Use the soft brush to scrub and remove any dirt particles.

Strain and Dry

Leave the ornaments on a mesh so the excess water drips out. After some time you can use a soft cloth to wipe the jewelry.

These are common precautions you can take to keep your precious gems sparkling. We would also advise you to take all your ornaments to a professional jeweler once a year to ensure that the stone is firmly placed. And always remember to store your jewelry in containers lined with soft fabrics or in separate zip pouches. And one last thing, don’t forget to keep shining and smiling – it makes your diamonds glitter even brighter!



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