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Spread The Gorgeousness With Cute Sterling Silver Earrings 

  • Graceful 925 Silver ~ In the carving of these gracious garnet stone earrings, the high quality 925 sterling silver is used. 925 sterling silver prevents the garnet stone earrings from oxidation as rhodium is coated on the silver. So, you can easily wear these garnet earrings without it tarnishing. These earrings are nickel free. 

  • Easy To Wear ~ Sterling silver earrings are very stylish as well as easy to wear. The secure lock and comfortable feel of the simple sterling earring make them easy to put on and put off. So, you can quickly wear the garnet stone earrings for the last minute office parties. 

  • Especially For Sensitive Skin ~ If your skin is sensitive and can get easily agitated through the metallic substances, then these reddish earrings are specially designed for you.  The garnet stone earring is made up from the original garnet stone found in the natural habitats and from the high-quality silver, so this will never harm your over sensitive skin. 

  • Red Sparkles ~ This is a huge misconception in the minds of people that garnet is a red gemstone. However, folks garnet gemstone occur in almost every color; due to the red being the prominent color most red sterling earrings are denoted as garnet silver earrings. Whereas the rarest garnet gemstone is available in the blue color.

  • Lucky Gem ~ Ladies sterling silver earrings serve the purpose of the birthstone for the January born people. Moreover, if you are celebrating your second wedding anniversary than these garnet silver wedding earrings will be your traditional anniversary gift.

Glorified Garnet Earrings 

Unique silver earrings embellished with the sparkles of the natural garnet gemstone is the pure definition of the glory. The simple silver earrings can add glory to your any outfit such as you can wear the red earrings for a weekend night out with your friends or you can pair the sterling earrings with your professional business suit. 

Garnet Is A Industrial Stone 

Garnet has been used as a gemstone for numerous years. However, in the past 150 years, it has been vastly used as an industrial mineral. Garnet is used as the indicator mineral during mineral exploration, waterjet cutting, abrasive blasting, etc.

Garnet Used In Silver Sterling Earrings 

In the garnet gemstone family, there are six main Garnet mineral types are available; Almandine, Pyrope, Spessartite, Grossular, Andradite, and Uvarovite. However, in the handmade sterling silver earrings for women, Almandine and pyrope garnet are used. In some costly sterling silver earrings, green Tsavorite and Demantoid garnets are also used.



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