Be Confident & Bold with 925 Sterling Silver Amethyst Earrings 

  • Purple Stone ~ Ladies sterling silver earrings are just perfect. Wondering why? Apart from the shiny milky color of 925 sterling silver, they are embedded with smooth amethyst stone. These purple earrings for women are a reflection of the femininity and female empowerment at the same time. Natural amethyst earrings are handcrafted for the women who wants to protect her feminine side while giving the message of female equality. 

  • For the Lady ~ Amethyst sterling silver earrings are crafted very carefully keeping the requirements of today's women in mind. A lady, today have to give long presentations at the office and also have to cook for her family. Such kind of busy women needs the comfort of amethyst 925 silver earrings. Amethyst gemstone earring is something which can always be worn by women as they are very light and don't look too flashy. 

  • Goes with Your Every Look ~ It doesn't matter whether you are wearing a cocktail gown, jeans, or any traditional attire, the cute sterling silver earrings can complement you. No need to change your earrings every time with your costume as purple gemstone earrings can go with your every look. 

  • February Healing Charm ~ Amethyst 925 sterling silver earrings are the birthstone earrings for the ladies who are born in February. So, if you are a February girl, then the healing powers of amethyst stone will work better on you. Buy this pair of earrings and heal your body chakras. 

  • Highly Secure ~ Sterling silver amethyst earrings come with soft and secure back lock which always keep your amethyst earrings at there place. With the unique amethyst earrings, you won't ever have to worry about losing them. Plus, the back lock of the simple sterling silver earring isn't too tight to hurt you.

Amethyst Accepted by the World 

Amethyst is mined all over the world, it is available worldwide and is the most favorite natural gemstone of the jewelers. The stone is available in a dazzling array of enchanting shades that range from deep purples to pale lilac pastel. The pink amethyst gemstone earrings and green amethyst silver earrings are very popular among the ladies all around the world. 

Third Eye Opener Gem

Wearing natural gemstone amethyst earrings can help you increase your awareness regarding your inner aspects and grow your spiritual strength. As per astrology, by the contact of amethyst silver earrings, you can open your third eye located in your mind.

How to Tale Care of Your 925 Silver Amethyst Earrings?

Protect your amethyst gemstone earrings from coming into the contact of soap, oil, and dirt. The film from lotions and oils can dull the amethyst and reduce its healing brilliance. If possible remove your sterling silver amethyst earrings before taking a shower.



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