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Sweet, Spicy & Simple Silver Earrings with the Touch of Citrine - I really like this title. :D

  • Citrusy Feel ~ 925 sterling silver earrings are handcrafted with the citric by name, but sweet by nature gem called citrine. 'Citrine' is a word derived from the French word citron, mean lemon. Due to the crystal clear lemon shade of the citrine gemstones, they are gifted with such a beautiful name. GREAT (Y) AND KUDOS ON THE BULLET HEADING

  •  Touch of Elegance ~ Silver earrings for women are a pure image of the elegance and drama. By wearing these unique silver earrings, you can feel the sparkle of style and oozing confidence around you. Girl, you can shine like a star after wearing these cute sterling silver earrings. 

  • Comfortable Aura ~ If wearing jewelry makes your sensitive ears sour, then the soft, lightweight citrine silver earrings are perfect for your delicate ears. 925 citrine earrings are feather light and weights nothing when they are shining on your little ears. The large silver earrings will never make you uncomfortable with their weight, even if you wear them daily. 

  • Yellowish November Stone ~ Citrine gemstone earrings are dedicated to the sweet November born people. Citrine birthstone earrings are also the 13th wedding anniversary earrings. A gentleman can gift these citrine stone earrings to his wife on the eve of their 13th anniversary and bring lots of happiness and good luck in their lives. [WU1] 

  • Handcrafted with Love ~ These silver earrings for women might seem to be handcrafted with the curviest gem citrine and holy white silver from outside. But, the generosity of craft men and their pure passion is the real recipe of the elegant citrine earrings. 

Opaque Clarity of Sterling Silver Earrings 

The sensational transparent to translucent nature of the vitreous lushing citrine gemstone makes these silver sterling earrings unique. The silver earrings reflect the real quality of the citrine gemstone as the white shine of 925 sterling silver, even more, enhances the colors of citrine stone. 

The Occurrence of Precious Gem

The citrine embedded in the petrified silver earrings is the amalgamation of a variety of quartz found in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. The high-quality citrine occurs at the time of volcanic eruptions; during the oxidation process, this yellow to orange colored gem occurs.

Be Careful with Your Citrine Silver Earrings 

 Ladies, citrine rates on 7 Mohs scale of the hardness, so your natural stone earrings are pretty tough and won't crack up easily. But still, it is a delicate pair of sterling silver earrings which requires little care from sharp blows or temperature. Otherwise, sterling silver earrings are highly durable and can be worn freely. 



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